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gumgirl was started by Kathy Miller, an award-winning photographer, who has shot for magazines such as San Francisco, TIME, Details, Elle Girl, Fast Company, and Wired. In addition to her work shooting portraits and photo-essays for magazines, she is known for lifestyle shots, which have appeared in several books and are handled by Getty Images.

Erin Katgely is a Los Angeles-based photographer and entrepreneur. Erin attended Long Beach State University and the San Francisco Art Institute where she studied Film & Photography under the mentorship of renowned photographer Larry Sultan.  Perhaps her best education came as an intrepid world traveler; Erin has lived in London, Dublin, Paris, the French Alps, New York, and San Francisco where she was Co-Owner and Operator of the fine dining restaurant Chez Spencer. As a freelance photographer, Erin has worked for magazines, shot album covers for musical artists, including Grammy-nominated singer Ledisi, and numerous weddings and events. Her photographer's eye and experience translates into a keen sense of styling, lighting, and mood. Erin is a Contributing Editor for travel blog Journey 33. She continues to be an avid traveler and enjoys cooking, swimming, and spending time with her son Spencer.

Weddings are obviously a special day. Whether in a barn or on a Caribbean beach, you are likely to be surrounded by your families and best friends and there are a million things going on. Kathy is there to capture those million things, as well as the feeling of the day. But she is definitely not there to direct the wedding, telling you when to cut garters and throw cakes. Yet documenting a wedding like a photojournalist can also miss the beauty and magic. So gumgirl combines style and documentary to show your day at its best.


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